22 April 2011

The other ancient doily!!

This is the other doily I promised to show you.

Again worked in silk sewing thread simply because of my frustrations at not being able to find coloured number 20 threads back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Sadly I can't tell you the pattern source as it was so long ago and I've no idea where it came from except probably from a scrap of paper given to me waaaay back then.  But I can tell you that it measures 9" by almost 7".  Ah, maybe somebody will recognise it?  

Do you remember those days when to make a photocopy of something cost shed loads of money and was frowned on because of that?  I remember when we had the first ever photocopier in school and how guilty we were made to feel each time we used it!!!  To do worksheets for the tiddlers then was a costly procedure so most of us didn't bother!!!

Thanks so much for all your comments on yesterday's post - all were appreciated. I hope to show more progress on the diamonds tomorrow but we'll see if I remember to take a photo!!!


John said...

Miss Jane,
I just heard you're not going to be at TAT days...*sad*...

This doily looks alot like the oval doily #5 on page 69 of 'A new twist on tatting: More than 100 glorious designs" by Catherine Austin.

Happy Day!!

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry, John although we will be in the USA again this year the Tat Days dates were too late to fit in with the school holidays and thus family arrangements.
Off to check in my Austin book - IF I can find it!!!!

Carol Lawecki said...

I can't recall seeing a doily like this one before. The outside round is very unique!! Copy machines have come a long way. Now it seems most everyone has one in their home. I don't know how I ever got along witout one. I think the printer/copier/scanner/fax is an essiential anymore. It's just so convenient to have one at home. Not to get off subject, but the other item I think is nice to have is a camera on my cell phone. I usually finish tatting something, take a picture with my cell phone and can share it with my Mom in the next minute to get her opinion on the piece. Have a lovey weekend and Easter!!

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

Lovely doily! Beautifully tatted, Jane - excellent work!

Maureen said...

Silk thread! - you were innovative, even back then!
My very first job was "shared" with an enormous photocopy machine - I was squashed into a tiny room next to it and I grew to hate it with a passion. Every time anyone needed to use it, I had to vacate the room, there wasn't space enough for two people.
To this day, I don't get on with machines.

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

Beautiful piece of tatting, I have no idea what the pattern is either, but you did a lovely job.

Gina said...

What precise stitches! It's beautiful. The pattern looks familiar, like one of the older ones. I can see it in my mind in black & white.

God's Kid said...

Very nice doily! :)

Anika said...

I have a copy of that pattern in my binder! It's called "Oval Tatted Doily" from the book "Tatting Doilies and Edgings". I've actually been meaning to make that one. I love how colorful yours is! ^_^

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you, Anika for tracking it down!!! I just didn't get time yesterday.

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