19 April 2011

Seven motifs second round

Well, not strictly true but seven and one 'bit' on the second round!!!!

As I said yesterday that photograph was taken at the Buzz last Friday.  I've made a bit of progress since then as you can see.  Back last Friday it was 3 motifs and two 'bits' of the next on round two.  I've also added a few infills too since then.  

Next time I take a photo it won't be on our grubby flagstones on the patio!!!  I'll find a cloth to put it on first.  

I think this should be a lesson to all those in tat land who don't sew in their ends as they go along!!!  Can you imagine how tedious it would be to sew in all of them on this project once you'd finished?  

I must add also that to start each diamond I use this method (scroll down the page) and this to get the closure (I use the way with the extra part where you get no blip).


Maureen said...

I can't believe how quickly this is growing! - but please get it up off the ground!
I absolutely love it, do you have a special place for it?

Margarets designer cards said...

Looking good so far, and very colourful, I dont think it will be long before you finish it.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I absolutely love your colors in your diamond motif mat so far. I am also making the mat in size 80 thread....and I am nowhere near where you are. Wow...but then again I have a house full of Chitlets that I watch...including one that is just about two months old, a two year old and a five year old...and lets not forget the two grown children I have and the husband. It doesn't leave me with lots of time for tatting these days...but I try.
I also love the doily you showed from the little tatting booklet. I know i have a couple fo those booklets. I will have to check out and see if I have that pattern. Not that I need another project mind you. I just wanted to tell you love the mat colors

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