19 May 2011

Hearts a gogo!!!

Ages ago I bought these little beads.  They have 'front to back' holes at the top and the bottom.  

Anyway I decided I needed some more earwigs so out they came again for a 'play'.  I actually made two pairs but gave one set to a friend who needed cheering up. 

SO simple - beads with split rings round worked in Zarina's size 80 HDT!!!


Maureen said...

I don't wear earrings, but I like those beads with the HDT! - very colourful.Strange, really, that I have never "taken" to earrings - an old childhood prejudice, I suppose, but I do have all my mother's Art Deco clip-ons, including two rather fetching Coalport china sets!
All my daughters and even two granddaughters have pierced ears - maybe one day I will make them your Christmas tree pieces as a surprise.

Pop Lenuta Maria said...

This earings are extremely beautiful. I have to try.Beautiful.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pair of earring I love the colours, beautiful

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

The earrings are so bright and cheery, what a great color. These will make such cute earrings. I like how the bicone bead is at the end and there are no ends to tie in either. :)

IsDihara said...

Lovely beaded hearts! I must remember to point Tatskool toward this post (if she hasn't seen it already) as the heart pattern is one of her favorites. Mine too!

God's Kid said...

Cool hearts! :)

Elisa2011 said...

Meravigliosi cuori, sei bravissima, complimenti per tutti i lavori!

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