21 May 2011

I'm NEVER happy!!!

Nope, I'm NEVER happy with what I've done!!!  Not sure why but I never am.  Once a thing is finished I can always see a better way to have done it!!!

The same has happened with what I 'lovingly' call the OctoStarFlake pattern which Donna is teaching at Palmetto Tat Days.  Here it is on this page.  Why that name?  Well it's not a star (five sided), nor a snowflake (six sided) so it's an octaganol starry snowflake!!!

Originally this design was 'done' on the sparkly centres of the magnetic brooches/fridge magnets that are on sale in my Etsy shop.  Unfortunately Donna couldn't get the middly diddly things in the USA so I converted it to a naked middle.  Well, not naked as there are a few more beads added!!   Well, here's my amended version!!!!  

I may make these my Christmas giveaway - but there again, I may not!!!  

Here's a teaser for you.  Next week there will be new patterns and the way I join to findings on the blog!!  That'll keep you guessing, eh?!?!?  DARN IT.  Why did I just write that?  Now I'll HAVE to get all those finished off!!


God's Kid said...

That is fabulous! You are so creative!!! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! Pretty! What's not to like? I think it's fabulous!

Karen said...

Nice with naked center, too.
I'm glad you DID mention it. Now I'll for sure get to see how you join to the findings. Thank you. Karen in OR

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely design, with the open middle, sorry naked middle. Looking forward to your post about how you join findings.

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Happy Beaks
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