18 May 2011

More tidying up!

Books, leaflets and newsletters!!!  Those were targeted over the past few days!!!

It came to the 'crunch' when a whole load of loose leaf files fell off the shelf onto the floor (and my FOOT) one day last week AND while I was also in the depths of tidying the tatting cupboard!!!  Immediately the air turned blue and I then gave further serious thoughts about what to do with them.  

I mentioned a week or two ago that a whole load of newsletters had to go as they were taking up room, so this 'incident' signed their 'death knell'  

Over the space of several days (well, the weather's pretty cold and dull) I scanned all the pages which had patterns on.  Now the paper newsletters are now ready to sell on Ebay (buyer collects),  or become the target of a box of matches (I favour the latter)!!!!   So further decisions have to be made.  Meanwhile - guess where they are?  Back on the flipping shelf.  The patterns are now easily found on my computer without having to 'fight the files'!!! Job DONE!!  I've been meaning to do this for ages and ages - way before they attacked me.

Whilst scanning I came across just three patterns by other people which I'd made from the hundreds in there over this time period (over 30 years) and was surprised at how many re-prints of  designs from Coats/Penelope leaflets there were and how many 'similars' too.  

Times have changed SO much and so has our craft!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Jane you are so right years ago we never used beads or charms, tatting was just tatting doilies and edging, today its in jewellery and so many other items. Tatting has moved on and still moving, with so many ideas.

Bonnie said...

Ms Jane, you make me laugh.

Sally Kerson said...

Now you are tidy, time to come over to my place and do the same!!! Why is there so much paperwork? Good idea to scan those patterns.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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