6 May 2011

Is the end near?

Maybe but maybe not!!!
Further progress but my dear old brain cell 3 is dying to try out new things he's thought of several other ideas whilst this is progressing.  I'm a determined OG and will continue!!

The figures are stacking up for me now as I'm over half way through this round.  I've worked out that I may get it finished in another week or so and will then put it to one side.  Why?  Well because I have gifts to make before we go on holiday.  

When I've finished this round I'll have to work out if I've enough of the infill thread to do the 'bits in between' the points.  This should prove easy as I know that a full Aero shuttle does four diamonds with the lighter colour.   The darker shade is a tad less.

What I did for this round was fill the shuttle and then unwind onto an Ez-bob until I knew I'd got enough 'fours' to finish.  I'll do this for the outer infills too.  If I don't have enough then I have two similar but slightly darker shades which will work.  There again I may just use the darker shades anyway!!!  I then have to decide if this travels with me to finish off on holiday!!!  IF it does it will go into my carry on luggage as I'm not trusting it in the hold of the aircraft!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Looking good Jane nearly finished I think, I trust the hold of a plane either, but your tatting hook cant go in your case because they will find when you go through the scanner, so I have to put my hooks in my case and hope.
Have a nice weekend.

Jane Eborall said...

I don't take a crochet hook as I use Aeros and they've never been questioned. Also I don't use scissors but nail clippers or a Clover cutter instead - so no problems there either. You can put anything in your check in cases!

Maureen said...

You must take it with you, because otherwise you will have to come back to it - and I think you will be too full of new ideas at the end of your holiday to have the same enthusiasm for it.
Might be too large to actually work on during the flight though!

God's Kid said...

The word amazing doesn't even quite sum up how awesome that looks-even not finished! :)

Miranda said...

You are good, Jane! I wish I could trick myself like that. If you use a darker color for this round of infills, it will create a sort of outline for the whole thing; it will, in fact be a way of saying, "There, I'm done!"

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