2 May 2011

What the Royal wedding did

This is what the Royal wedding did for tatting!!!  

It gave me the wonderful excuse to sit and tat most of the day!!!!  I got sucked into the wedding before it started and sat through the lot - even the boring bits of hymns and stuff!!!   We even watched the highlights last thing at night on the news!!!

Anyway this is the progress from before that and since.  I'm about a third of the way round this round now but I'm flagging!!!!  SO pleased I've 'hidden' the threads I'm going to use in the shoe box.  I won't allow myself to peep until I need the next batch of threads!!!  Does that sound silly?  Maybe, but it works for me!!!!


Maureen said...

And there's still one Prince to go! - you can plan ahead! It's looking very impressive.

John said...

I was also enwrapped in the days events. The problem with my tatting was exactly what you discussed in recent post. I was between projects and therefore just watched the events drooling on myself rather than getting anything accomplished.

You project is wonderful!!

Tatfully Yours said...

I had the whole day off work on Friday to watch the wedding (loved it!!!!!) Sadly I did not get any tatting done. I find it hard to tat with one eye on my tatting and the other eye on the T.V. Nothing to say about being up at 4:30 a.m. made me a little sleepy the rest of the day.

God's Kid said...

You are doing great! :)

Tatenup said...

It is looking good, Jane! What a lot of work. I have started that design, but only finished one star.

Fox said...

What a fabulous piece this is turning out to be! You have given me the thought that I could use up the old Cebelia #20 on a small throw for The Boss. It could be a pick-up-put-down project that I do not have currently, as I usually only tat one thing at a time. A mindless project that is ongoing and memorized. Hmmm. See what you have done now?
Fox : )

KasiaN said...

It was a really good excuse! You make wonderful things! Regards from Poland.

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