5 May 2011

Old earrings part 1

I'm a bit excited about this find!!!  Why?  Well this is probably the start of my trip into 'doing my own thing'!!!!  I don't claim to be a 'designer' as really I just get an idea and then stumble around until I get what I want!!  The earrings became a 'need to save money' thing.

Anyway, these were made when I was teaching and I was made redundant from that when I was 48!!  I taught four/five year olds as they were admitted into school.  To 'help' in the process of settling them in I took to wearing totally ridiculous earrings.  NO, not pretty ones - just stupid ones.  Tea bags, clothes pegs, dog biscuits (dangerous near dogs), audio cassettes, sweets and anything imaginable that could be hung from my ears!!!  The kids used to come to school to see 'what teacher was wearing'!!!!  Some of them even made earrings for me from toilet roll middles etc.  VERY embarrassing when I forgot I was wearing those and went shopping - I'd realise what had happened when people stared at me!!  

After a while I realised that I could make tatted earwigs so these are some of the ones I 'invented'.  Don't forget - these were in the days before I knew about split rings!!!!  Before the Mary Sue Kuhn books.


Maureen said...

I like the teapots.....you must have acquired some notoriety! How terrible to have been made redundant from teaching, I didn't think they could do that?
On the other hand......I married young, and was thereby barred from taking ANY government job - this was Australia in the late 60's!

Decoromana said...

so cute! I love snowdrops

Margarets designer cards said...

They look lovely I am sure you inspired the children but wearing them

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I would love to inspire children through earrings, but I just can't wear them. I've often thought that it would be great fun to wear earrings that "matched" the books we're reading in the library. There are so many possibilities! Oh, well... maybe someone younger and less tender than I will be able to something like that. : )

Fox said...

I am concerned: is there something not quite right about my toilet paper earrings?
Fox : O

God's Kid said...

Wow! Great earrings! :)

Sally Kerson said...

Ah but perhaps you can re-vamp them and share the patterns?!! Hint hint

Suzanne said...

You really are amazing! and an inspiration to us all. I'm sure your former students still wax nostalgic about you: "remember that teacher we had? - the one with the fun earrings?" I dearly love the darling teapots and the very realistic snowdrops. Thanks for sharing.

Ladytats said...

Nice Earrings, and I echo Sally, patterns?????

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