20 June 2011

A star by any other name!!!

Not really sure what you'd call this.  I call it a star even though it isn't really!!!  It's now a pendant as you can see!!!  

This is a variation on the star pattern that Donna will be teaching at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  If you take a trip down this page and on the left you'll see the original.  You'll have to wait until the CD comes out with the pattern on OR get yourselves down to SC in September!!!!   All I did was just added a bit more 'bling' in this version (also known as beads)!!!!

One or two people have asked me recently about adding beads to tatting and I think it's about time I put in a weeee plug for this invention.  I THINK it was mine and it's one I'm truly ashamed of.  Why?

Well, after over fifty years of tatting (and a good many of those with beads!) it hadn't occurred to me that there was a better way than adding them to the shuttle or chain thread until roughly 2007/2008 when a bit of thought and a good day for brain cell 3 happened and the long beaded picot was born!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Another lovely star or to me a flower. beautiful colours and beads

Ladytats said...

very nice Jane, one question, is it sturdy enough to not sag over time? or do you stiffen it?

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Ladytats, it should keep it's shape as the beads are snugged up really, really tight. The actual tatting has my 'usual' stiffening agent - squidged in slightly diluted PVA (white) glue. IF it does fail on my it'll suffer the scissor treatment in due course!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

With those colors, I'm reminded of roses... beautiful! Oh, how I wish I could attend Palmetto Tat Days, but it's the wrong time of year with school in session. Maybe when I retire...

God's Kid said...

Fun and beautiful! :)

A.G. said...

How cool! I'll have to try this. Thank you for coming up with it! ^_^

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