23 January 2012

Joined up hearts

So after the chicken wing experience (thanks to Geraldine) I thought I'd play with the hearts in a similar fashion.
Now this is a matter of 'guess work' as to whether things will lie flat when they're finished.  I'm good at guessing!!!  Least on some things.  This is perfect.  No 'tweaking' needed.  I will get the pattern sorted and put on the web site - sometime.

So, I present the joined outside in hearts doily!!!


  1. To think I had the impression that you didn't like to make doilies... hmmm... guess I'll have to re-evaluate! ; )

    I love the bright, alternating colors!

  2. The hearts go very well together like that. A nice project for Valentine's day - okay, any day : )

  3. Very romantic Jane, great colours.

  4. lovely! alternating the hearts and joining them together makes this "doily" very interesting. who'd think of that?!


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Happy Beaks
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