26 January 2012

Spooky snowflake!

Here it is - a spooky snowflake.
I know - you just don't believe me, do you?   It's pink and definitely NOT spooky looking.  So why do I call it that?  Well it's tatted with some 'glow in the dark' thread.  

I was kindly given this thread on a visit to America a few years ago and mentioned it to Nathan (grandson) who then pestered me for something made with it.  It's an amazing thread as it really does glow in the dark.  Looks very pretty too.

I used the thread doubled and it was quite slippery but I really like the finished piece even when it does look boringly pink!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I have some of that glow-in-the-dark thread, although I'm not sure where it is. The pink is lovely, but I think I'll make mine blue! ; )

erin said...

"Boringly pink"?!? Pink? Boring? Hah! I think *not*!

Lovely snowflake, Jane! ;-)


erin said...

"Boringly pink"?!? Pink? Boring? I think *not*!

Lovely snowflake!


Valerie said...

the snowflake is pretty. i knew your brain cell #3 was up to something... LOL

God's Kid said...

It's gorgeous!! :)

codzienna said...

Śliczna :)

nana barb said...

I want to find some of that glow in the dark thread! Your snowflake is amazingly beautiful, glow in the dark or not!

Unknown said...

Its just gorgeous
Joy in OZ

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