27 January 2012

New Edging

I wanted a really easy edging so went in search of inspiration.  It was Christmas Day and I couldn't be bothered to go and look through my many, many books so googled 'tatted edging' on the laptop and found this one.

Now this was sort of what I wanted but I have some very strict 'me rules' when it comes to edgings and I'd already decided that the one I was going to do would be to go round a hanky.  Mindless boring work IMHO but sometimes needed when you're in the that sort of mood!!!!

My 'me' rules are that the edging MUST be made in a number 80 for a handkerchief.
The edging MUST be as wide as possible so that it shows up.
It HAS to be worked in one round too - I'd never finish a two part one!
The edging MUST be worked separately and then sewn on after.  Pain in the bum but it makes sense as the fabric will wear out before the tatting!

I'd got out some Rainbow Taffy and 'a.n.other' thread in size 80 and off I went.  No practising first with a grotty coloured number 20 - it was Christmas Day and I was full of food and drink so I was going to 'wing it'.  

The result?  2 repeats were scrapped but the rest 'as they say' is history.  I reckon this is the bestest edging I've ever done - well, so far!!!

I'm calling it the 'Oh SO Simple' edging and it's here!!!


Mariya Davydova said...

Great edging! And a beautiful colouring - gray and colourful thread together!

Fox said...

Fox : )

God's Kid said...

Looks very nice! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Oh wow, I really like that edging!

Valerie said...

bright and colourful. pretty enough for me.

Sally Kerson said...

Can't wait to try this one out, though had better finish the ones already started first!

Hillside Threads said...

Ooh! Thankyou Jane. I have been going through my patterns for an edging to go round a hanky and this is perfect. Not sure I have a number 80 it might have to be a 60. I will do a test tat.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful edging and love the thread colour.

Sunela said...

It almost looks like you read my mind. I have been wanting to do a simple edging....this is the winner!!!

Batty Tatter said...

Very nice edging. I'm always looking for different edgings for my ball caps.
There's a wee kurfuffel going on at In Tatters, right now, on whether on not you should ask the designer of a pattern, if you can make their pattern and then sell the item you've made. So, this is my official ask......I would like to make this and sell it. I'm sure you'd have no qualms, or you'd have mentioned it long ago. But, I thought, I'd ask.

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, the answer to this is probably yes you should ask the designer if you can find the person.
I have a 'Creative Commons License' on my pattern page which more or less states my feelings on my work. I am very happy for people to make and sell anything off my site but not online. I do like to feed my addiction for threads and beads through selling my work from time to time online!!! Etsy don't allow you to use other people's copyrighted material without permission, I believe. I do love to hear from people who sell for charities or even themselves at local events. Great to help out. I'm off to InTatters to see this thread and see what others say!!!!

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