5 April 2012

More sewing!!!

What I want to show you is what I made for myself more than twenty years ago - long before the 'four bad years'!!!!  I still carry this rather scruffy looking object around in my roly poly bag which is in my handbag.  It's a bobbin holder - the top two pictures are my scruffy one!!!!  SO useful to have pre-wound bobbins to use when I'm 'out and about'.  These are easy to use as you just 'squeeze' the bobbin out from the bottom and you can easily see what colour thread you've got on each too.

So I decided to make a few for the Etsy shop (well, only three so far - all in the same fabric!).  They're not listed yet - I want to get all the sewing done and then they should all be in the shop tomorrow, I think. 

The ones that I'm going to list are below the scruffy one and also hold six bobbins.  I have put a piece of velcro just to keep them folded over.  Not sure that it's really needed but it added a little 'something' to the whole thing!!!!  I'm forever trying to improve things!!!

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Ridgewoman said...

Very clever my dear Jane...xxoo P

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Happy Beaks
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