6 April 2012

Nearly done!!!

I don't like using my blog to advertise very often - it's not why I have it but this time I'm going to break my rule to tell you that I've got a load of stuff to go in the Etsy shop later today.

Now can you tell me if I'm bonkers or not?  I sit for hours and hours making all this 'stuff' and then I don't want to sell it!!!  I'm very reluctant to part with it and I don't want anybody to buy it for a while!!!  Is this normal or have I truly 'lost the plot'?

A few days after stocking the shop I then start fretting if nothing has sold!!!!  How weird is that?  NO, don't answer, please - I know I'm not normal!!!

Bit of a crisis going on here - the foot pedal on my sewing machine is playing up again.  Nick's sorted it twice but suggested I order another 'just in case' next time he can't fix it.  I think  he said there's a loose connection but, of course, he could've been referring to one in my head!!!

Now, trying to find something like this (a foot pedal) is like looking for hen's teeth.  In the end I found a new replacement on Fleabay.  Oooops, sorry, I mean Ebay!!! £60.00 or thereabouts it cost me but although I reeled at the price it's a small one to pay to keep me quiet and out of mischief!!!!  

Here is some of the stock going into the shop!


Jane McLellan said...

I don't know whether to wish you lots of sales or not!

Maureen said...

But you've only just bought that new machine, haven't you? - isn't it still under warranty?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

A foot pedal is pretty critical, unless you want to turn that flywheel by hand! I thought your machine was fairly new also. Has it been that long?

Oh, a shopping we will go!

Jane Eborall said...

Very funny, Diane!!!!!
The machine must be four or five years old now. Abbi is four and a half and I had it before or around the time she was born.
Thanks, Jane, I feel the same - don't know what to wish myself!!!

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