28 September 2012

Guild meeting and last American post - almost

On the Saturday after Tat Days it was the regular Palmetto Tatters guild meeting and I had the privilege of teaching there.  I taught the motif which you can find here.  

The most interesting part of this day (for me) was the location of the meeting - at the Lexington County museum.  Now I always think of a museum as being a place that you see exhibits IN but this place was also where you could go INTO the exhibits too.  Here's a link and below some pictures of the buildings and the members of the guild.

I had to show you the picture of Marie and her grandson tatting a spider which he gave to me afterwards and which I've also added below.  What a dear young lad he is.  Do you know, I've never seen Marie without a smile on her face.  


Maureen said...

I'll be sorry when it's ended - I've been enjoying your pictures!
What a wonderful place to have a tatting meeting.

Ladytats said...

lucky you, to receive such a cute spider.
I have been there to a Palmetto's meeting. Such fun ladies...and so generous...and such wonderful tatters.

louine said...

I don't think anyone has ever seen Marie without a smile on her face.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

What a neat place for their meetings!! And what a cute spider (although I usually don't use that term for spiders!) Sweet photo of Marie and her grandson!
Thanks so much for the tour!

Margarets designer cards said...

I have enjoyed your posts about your visit and the others that have posted about tat days.
Great spider, not my usual words I use about spiders, as I hate them.

Marie Smith said...

Dear, dear Jane!! Jonah was so excited to see that you posted a picture of us and the spider he gave you. Big, big ol' hugs to you and Sally. It was a joy to see you both.

Pam Freck said...

Jane, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you sooooooo much for joining us. Riet with her smile, Donna with her new EX President hat with the price tag still on it, Katharine smiling as always and as has already been said Marie smiling and loving it all. Always knew Marie's left hand was good for something - tatting with Jonah....teeheehee. Marie is a lefty but tats right handed so she is sooooooooooooo much faster than I am. Sometimes I only drag to the meetings because I know if I miss a meeting it will be 2 months before I see Marie again. We are truly blessed to be able to meet with so many talented and wonderful people.

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