27 September 2012

The week after Tat Days

During the week after Tat Days Sally and I were taken by Joanie to visit Pam and Bonnie at their homes.

Riet stays with Pam who has home full of ladybirds (or ladybugs) and Katharine joined us too for a while.  We met several members of her family as they popped in and out to visit all day.  Another day of delightful tatting and chatting.  I've added a picture of Hope at the top of this post as she was at Pam's but sadly we had to take her to the airport the next morning so she could go home.  The picture of her was taken at Joanie's as I didn't get many taken at Pam's - too busy tatting and talking!!!  Ah, we also talked iPads too - Hope is holding hers!!  Sally and I both took ours on our travels and they proved very, very useful.

Bonnie makes the most WICKED ice cream (double yummy) and again a lot of tatting and chatting was done with visits from Pam, Riet, Karen, Gloria (+ her daughter) too.  Hope I haven't missed anybody out!!!  The second picture shows some of us admiring Bonnie's wonderful garden and the third picture shows just some of the amazing baskets she makes.  A VERY talented lass is Bonnie.

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Ladytats said...

Nice to be able to put faces to names. those are very pretty baskets.

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Happy Beaks
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