26 September 2012

Sunday and the end of Tat Days

Time to say goodbye to old friends and new and leave Toccoa and return to 'normality'.  You can see Hanna and Sara waving in this picture with other friends too.  

No, wait, it's Sunday and that MUST mean meeting up at the Mall!!!  Some of the Palmetto tatters meet up each Sunday (as and when they can) at a Mall.  They are regulars there and they move the furniture so they can tat and chat.  In the second picture you can see some of us.  Well, not me as I'm behind the camera, of course!!!

After that it was back to Joanie's for a well earned rest and more tatting talk!!!

Joanie spoils me rotten each time I go there as she feeds the hummingbirds which I LOVE to watch.  I've added a movie of one of the little chaps down below.  Least I think I have as this is my first attempt at adding a movie to blogger!!!

There are SO many things I haven't mentioned in my reports and that I keep remembering at odd moments.  Like the singing and the rhyming.  The giggles with friends.  The total commitment to tatting and all things related.


Margarets designer cards said...

Must be nice to be home, thank you for sharing your lovely photos, but I got a big white space which I think must be your video.

Jane Eborall said...

I've checked the video and it's working for me, Margaret. Wonder if it's the browser you're using? Keep me posted if it works on another browser, please.

Maureen said...

Wow, a real live tatted hummingbird! - he looks just like his patterns!!

Crazy Mom! said...

Love the hummies. My mom has 6 feeders, and the little birds fight over them!

My little knitting/tatting group meets in the back of a big McDonald's. It's the space you can find!

God's Kid said...

A hummingbird!!1 So neat!! I don't think I have ever seen one in real life, but that is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Fox said...

Wonderful winged creature! Thank you.
Fox : )

Julie Romero said...

LOVE the video of the hummingbird...so fun to watch! We didn't get many this year for some reason, so I miss them :-) It would be lovely to get together with others to/who tat...what a nice time that has to be!!!

Marilee Rockley said...

Lovely hummingbird video!

Sally Kerson said...

Its great how our tat days carried on with other meetings, epecially the mall.
It was so hard to say goodbye to all our friends though.

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