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10 January 2013

Hearts on buttons 1

Don't forget - tomorrow's the start of the TIAS 2013.  Here's the link to the TIAS blog where day 1 will be posted.  OK, so I'll put the links up here too - IF I remember!!!

So, a few days ago I wanted something different to do!!  I'm working on a new project at the moment which should be ready soon.  It was requested just before Christmas when I put out an appeal for ideas but more than that I'm not telling until I'm happy with it!!!  

This is a heart that I did ages ago but I wanted to just play!  After my experience with the Fandango snowflake and beads on buttons this also seemed a good 'candidate' for experimentation!!!  Here's one!


  1. Such pretty lemon thread.

  2. Normally I am not a fan of tatting with buttons, but you have (once again) changed my perspective for the better. Such a pretty heart!

  3. Lovely heart, nice pattern with a button

  4. Love it! I´m feeling happy when looking at it!

  5. Oh. I love these colors together, so cheerful!


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