7 January 2013

New technique page

OK today I've got you a new and VERY simple technique.  Marie Smith in SC showed this to me during the Palmetto tatters meeting and I loved it.  Not needed very often but SO useful to have at your 'finger tips' when you do!!!!  She's not sure where it came from but it's great.

I hear you saying 'what is the daft moo' on about?  Well, it's a way to start a chain with a small picot at the start.  I know that in the past we've all used either a spare bit of thread or a safety pin/paperclip but this does away with all that hassle.

So, here's the link to the technique page on my site.  You'll find the link to the technique itself at the bottom of this page - as long as I've remembered to upload the revised technique page!!!!  I tend to wander off and forget things but my excuse is my age and NOT the honest fact that my memory has never been much good.


Valerie said...


GraceT said...

Everything works fine! Thanks for posting this — it's a very handy technique.

Frivole said...

Hi Jane, it's a great technique and the one I now always use instead of using a paperclip - makes for a better starting loop too. I learned it from Wolfgang at In Tatters last year.

Unknown said...

Cool "trick"! Thank you, Jane and Marie!! I learned this recently and tried it and promptly forgot it, speaking of memory! So, an extra thank you, Jane, for writing it up and posting it.
And, what I haven't forgot for a minute: Friday is Jan 11 and the beginning of TIAS 2013. Wahoo!!!
Katie V in NC

Jon Yusoff said...

I learnt about this from a video by Frivole. http://leblogdefrivole.blogspot.com/p/techniques-videos-and-pictorials.html
I used to do it a paperclip or a pin, but this is how I do it now.

Looking forward to the start of the TIAS.

Sally Kerson said...

I've actually got a photo of Marie teaching this trick! Can send it if you wish to add.

Fox said...

Well - thanks for this, Jane!

I do know how to do this after having looked at Frivole’s video a million time, but I could not keep the mechanics of it in my head from tat to tat, till I saw your diagram.

We all learn in such different ways and your simple lines and circles blasted through, so now I totally get this technique. Thank you for adding this to the treasure trove.
Fox : )

Jane McLellan said...

Very neat. I used to use Julia Sander's book a lot, where she starts a chain with a picot by tying a small knot for the first stitch to butt against. I guess this method would be smoother.

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