12 January 2013

Tat It And See

Just a quick post today to say that I'm thrilled with the start of the TIAS.  26 people had already done Day 1 before I went to bed last night.  
I will leave it until Tuesday for Day 2 to be posted as quite a few people have written to say they're busy over the weekend.   I hope that's not going to upset too many who are raring to go on the next part!!!!

I've nothing really to show today as I don't get as much done while the TIAS is progressing but that's a good thing sometimes.  I spent most of yesterday morning helping a neighbour find her dog which had escaped and another to fill in a form.  ANY excuse not to get the hoovering done.   I'm pleased to report it did get done eventually.  Now you know what rubbish I talk when I'm not talking knots!!!!


Maureen said...

Maybe by Tuesday we'll have some cooler weather - I think the whole of Eastern Australia is burning up this weekend. There's so much smoke outside, from the bushfires - although they are not near us - that all doors and windows have to be kept shut.

Typstatting said...

Hi Jane, I would love to join in and do the T.I.A.S.
Cheers Margaretha
A.K.A. Typstatting!

Charlette said...

Je me permets de commencer votre TIAS et j'en suis heureuse je n'avais pas osé les autres années....
Merci à bientot

Margarets designer cards said...

Jane, due to a family bereavement I have not been able to join in and I was so looking forward to do it, I will catch up when I can and get back into it, There's more on my blog

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Happy Beaks
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