25 March 2013

A different sort of brooch

I went outside the front door the other day to put our shopping bags back into the car.  I felt a right dipstick as I zapped the car with the key and it wouldn't unlock.  Just wouldn't do that 'flashing thing' that cars do when you zap them.  

I stood and puzzled about it and then realised that the neighbours were watching.  Then it suddenly dawned on me that it was the WRONG CAR!!!  I go by the colour of cars.  No idea of make or any other details - it's colours only with me.  A car should have a wheel at each corner and an engine that works - end of story.  Nothing else matters.

After a bit of teasing from the neighbours the lady who was visiting them spotted a brooch on  my coat.  It was this one.   I also have another one like this too.  She ooooohed and aaaaahed and asked me to make her one.  Well here it is.  I scanned it before it was properly finished - it doesn't look as 'droopy' now!!

Please take a look at the threads used by Sonja for her pram which arrived yesterday.  Fabulous.  Also Gea has sent in her pram which makes the total now to be 100.


Maureen said...

Lovely brooches - and no problems with pinning them on either! - I always find it hard to "hide"the pin on the back of a brooch so that it doesn't show.
I'm with you entirely on cars - ours is blue, ancient, and I am always hopefully trying to open the wrong one in shopping centre carparks. Only in my case it's worse, because the automatic locking and opening thing died years ago, and I have to open it with the key.So a bit more embarrassing if the rightful owner of the glitzy blue car should happen along, as was the case once.

Gunhild said...

..Hi Jane, this is a funny story with the car...I have had a similar experience when my car was new, just small and black, as many others here...the brooch is yours, definately, ...I really like them, although I never wear brooches... normaly, ...we will see:))
Happy tatting

Fox said...

Oh, my trick! Many a time I have FOUGHT with the lock of a Mercedes or o Volvo or even a BMW, thinking it was my old black clunker...uttering all sorts of trucker-talk, oblivious to the narrowed-eyed glances of the passerbys, only to realize the mistake is MINE alone. Slink away....

God's Kid said...

Sweet brooch!! :)

Corina said...

Lovely brooch!

Sunela said...

I needed a laugh today and your car story did the job! Great idea on the brooch

Batty Tatter said...

Very cute brooches. People under 25 in this country, don't know what a brooch is. I asked once and got a confused look.
On the car story. When my kids were small we were coming out of a gathering, in the dark and the vehicles were covered in ice. I was grumbling on the driver side of the car. Couldn't open the darn thing with the button. My daughter finally piped up.....it was not our car. Good grief.

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