30 March 2013

The original giraffe

So when I did the doodles last year and tidied them up I deleted one or two that I didn't think were particularly good or important.

I've had a ticking off from my friend Marie in SC for deleting 'her' little giraffe!!!  I'd put what I thought was a 'new and improved' one on instead but Marie wrote the other day to tell me that 'her' giraffe was missing and would I put him back!!!

So, specially for Marie - here he is!!!!!!  My humble apologies, Marie.  Are we still friends?


Jane McLellan said...

:-) I tatted the giraffe too, he's sweet. I put him on a dangle with the tree. Can't leave him out now!

Marie Smith said...

Thank you, Jane! I do love the little guy, as do the visitors to our State Fair. You bet we are still friends, BFF!!

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Happy Beaks
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