29 March 2013

New instruction pages

About a year ago Georgia or one of the Palmetto tatters contacted me to ask if I could do a simple page or two that they could use for handouts at Tat Days.  They wanted something to help with teaching brand new tatters.  

I had a firm word with BC3 (brain cell 3) who said he was 'up for it' so off we went into unknown territory!!!  Now you must bear in mind that it was well over half a century ago that I learnt to tat along with my gran who was learning too.  So to go back to that mind set was quite hard.

I did a few pages for them and it seemed a good idea to add a small pattern or two for beginners to try.

I remembered these pages a week or so ago and have been playing with them ever since.  I will add more when I next feel the muse.  Meanwhile I've had a lot of help from people checking them out and telling me what was wrong or coming up with great suggestions.  I know they're not 100% yet and probably never will be.  Let me know if there's anything you spot or if you have any suggestions for more pages.

Things can easily be changed but at least they're there (on the internet) at last.  I've had to change round the front page of the web site too slightly to accomodate the link to the links to the links!!!!!  Sounds as if I'm playing golf, doesn't it?


Jane McLellan said...

Oh yay, thanks so much, just what I need! I'm off to find them.

JB said...

Thanks Jane. Those will be so helpful.

picotsnkeys said...

I tip my shuttle to you Jane! As always, you produce clear, concise thoughts on paper that make the complicated seem simple. Thank you!!!

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Happy Beaks
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