3 April 2013

Jess threads - part 3

Another of Jess's threads with another colour to 'show it off'.  I always have megga doubts at this stage as I never know if it's all going to 'work' or not.  Mainly, I'll admit because I don't have a final plan in my head anyway!!!  Makes for an interesting life, eh?

Two days gone and not a shuttle even looked at.  Why? Have I given up tatting? 

No, the answer is I'm too, too tired.  Looking after young grandkids is sooooo tiring!!!


Katie Verna said...

OK, Jane, so I'm not alone! Looking after grands IS tiring--the reason my TIAS is still not complete. When they all finally go home, I sit around like a zombie!
tatty hugs from Katie V, the nanny granny in NC

Ladytats said...

Yes, little ones are very tiring. It is amazing, because we raised their parents and it didn't seem all that bad. But they are fun to have around. I love all of mine.
I enjoy your pictures of work in progress, they show us how brain cell 3 and you work together.

God's Kid said...

Oh, beautiful!! :)

Fox said...

Hehehehe I feel your aches and pains! But aren’t they fun!
Fox : ))

** jess! ** said...

how pretty!! I love it!

I don't have grandchildren, but I know that it can get overwhelming trying to do anything and listen to Livi. But I love it, so it's all good. :o)

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