6 April 2013

Well, WHAT a surprise

When I got home on Thursday after handing the kids back to my daughter I found a box on my chair in Tat Corner.  I rarely get post - let alone a box!!!  It was just SOOOO exciting.  Even better it was from America.
Now I knew that BC3 hadn't been ordering anything from over the pond so I was totally puzzled.  I managed to get my coat off before I opened it - just!!!

Inside were all the goodies shown below and they came from Terry who I've met online and through the pop a bobbin shuttle sales.  Thank you SO much Terry - you really know how to keep an OG happy!!!

The lighter variegated thread is Manuela - now sadly out of production.  I loved Manuela.  The blue is, of course, the wonderful Lizbeth.  Then there are doodads and twirly whirly thingies (BC3 is hopping around at the sight of those), fabric (when WILL the weather get warmer so I can sew?) and two VERY pretty shuttles as well.  Thank you again, Terry.


Danielle Fowler said...

I love the tatting shuttles. Who knew that you could get such pretty ones? I love mail like that :)

Shirl said...

What a great surprise and good friend!

Sally Kerson said...

Terry is so generous, will blog about my box of goodies soon. I think the twirly whirly things are paperclips, but not sure?

s loyd said...

Oh, it looks like you will be having a lot of fun planning projects.

It looks like your friend shops at my favorite Hobby and craft store. The bone shuttle has a nice smooth, feel to it.

Mad Tatter said...

Where do u get shuttles like that? They're pretty.

Jane Eborall said...

Mad Tatter - somewhere in America is the answer!!! Sorry can't help but aren't they gorgeous?

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