4 April 2013

Not a lot else

Another 'not a lot else' post!!!!!  This is just a quickie to say I've not picked up a shuttle since Sunday so the odds and ends you've been seeing are from last week or the week before!!!  
This is what has kept me busy the past few days.
A visit to the theatre - not for a show!!!
BUT for the mirror maze - this one's for you, Sherry Pence!!!  We've been three times in two days!!  It finishes on Sunday and a costumes exhibition arrives after that.
 Also a trip up the tower to see Stratford from the top of the town!!
There's been a trip to the play centre called Henry's Castle, an afternoon in the rec playground, two trips to the library to get more and more books, two round the town quizzes to do, ice cream to eat (brrrrrr) and a trip out to the supermarket to buy a birthday cake because today is a young man's tenth birthday!
Finally a picture of the devastation at home - isn't it wonderful?  


Maureen said...

I have a nearly-10-yr-old grandson too! - isn't it a lovely age? I enjoyed the pictures from the top of the tower, you live in a beautiful place.

Jane McLellan said...

You've had fun!

Ladytats said...

oh, what fun! I have an 11yr old grandson, they are so much fun at that age. So excited. Wish the young man Happy Birthday for me.
Have a great time while they are with you.

Phyllis said...

Seems like you will need a "holiday" after your company departs!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I see a serious kitty toy in the last picture - how IS Tilly? did she go with the Grands into the bath?

Jane Eborall said...

Aha, Crazy Mom Tats - Tilly stayed well out of the way!!! She's not used to children and doesn't intend ever to change her ways. I think she's missed the bath!!!

Sally Kerson said...

So wish I had grandchildren. Treasure all those wonderful times with my grand nephew and niece!!

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