19 April 2013

Messing about with images

Now my images aren't the best.  In fact they're pretty poor at times.  I'm really only interested in the tatting so making pretty pictures just bypasses me.  

A couple of weeks ago another of the volunteers from Silver Surfers came round to my place to look at a web site he was working on.  He wanted to see it on another type of tablet which Nick had.  Andrew and I got talking and I was bemoaning the fact that I had grey backgrounds to my images (scanned and photographed).  He recommended something called Pixelmator which is available from the App store.  Thus began another 'adventure'!!!!  

This software allows you to eliminate the parts of an image that you don't want (there was originally a grey background - see the top image).  By 'zapping' the pixels in the image you can make the parts you want to 'get rid of' go transparent (see the next picture).

In the third picture I've placed it over a plain colour so that it shows through where the pixels have been removed.  Clever, eh?  Yes, clever and time consuming when you don't really know what you're doing!!!  However the pair of us (myself and BC3) got stuck in and here's one of the results.  

Obviously I'm in the 'early stages' of learning how to do this stuff but it's keeping me quiet and out of mischief for a few hours a day.    

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