20 April 2013

Still messing with images

So after many, many hours I can now show you a comparison between the before and after!!! Least I hope I can.

First at the top is the 'before' I started out with Pixelmator - see yesterday's post.

Can you see the grey backgrounds to the motifs?  This is what has annoyed me for years and which I promised myself I would 'get round to sorting one day'.  

Now look at the second logo.  The grey bits have now gone.  I'm such a proud old git but now I have to get them on the blog and also then work on the Etsy shop logo too.  All takes time and then I get distracted by other things too - like the sewing machine!!!


Ladytats said...

Very nice and it gives a very professional look your header. I will have to pass on the info about the program to the graphics person at work. Thanks

Maureen said...

Ah - you have gone back to the normal comment box, I haven't been able to write anything! I think your pictures always look nice and clear, but I can see that it might be fun to learn how to improve the look! - all above my head, I'm afraid.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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