22 May 2013

Curtain at 22 inches

First of all - number 117 pram has arrived here on the TIAS blog.  Thank you, Ray.

I thought it was about time you all suffered an update on the filet crochet curtains.  Well, that should be curtain at the moment.  

This is still an interesting afternoon project and one which is still slowly progressing in spite of the 'grand tidy up' that is ongoing in the house.  Don't you just HATE having to do that?  The tidying up, I mean.  


Maureen said...

You must be enjoying lots of sunshine to have done so much of your curtain!

Valerie said...

it's looking really good! can't wait to see it's glory, on the window.

Michelle said...

Wow! It's so beautiful, really lovely. Careful, you'll inspire some of us to crochet like this!

God's Kid said...

Very beautiful!! :)

Fox said...

You are a speedy little hooker!
Fox ))

Ladytats said...

He He He Fox, Yes I agree she is a speedy hooker.
Those are pretty Jane, and why do you think we are suffering when you show this?

linb54 said...


Monica Braxton said...

I LOVE filet crochet. Sometimes it gets tedious, but the end result is always so beautiful.
I didn't know you are a lady of so many talents. Beautiful work - as always.

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