20 May 2013

Earrings Ros and compare

Having made the one pair of these earwigs for myself as an experiment I then decided that my friend Ros would probably like a pair too.  Now Ros is even shorter than me and a lot, lot slimmer so she doesn't like big earrings.  

I made her the pair that you can see at the top using the same pattern - which I WILL get onto my site once the manic tidying up has been completed here in the house!!!

The picture below shows the comparison between my pair and 'hers'.  Dying to give them to her now and hope to see her later today.  I've also made her a bracelet which I'll show you soon.


Margarets designer cards said...

Being short myself, and not a lover of big earrings, these smaller ones are lovely and I hope she loves them

Mrs. Fink said...

Cute! I look forward to the pattern! Tatted earrings are such a great gift! :)

God's Kid said...

Really great!! :)

Michelle said...

I,'m sure she will love them, they're gorgeous!

Ladytats said...

they look just a pretty in a smaller version. Thanks for showing both. I am sure there are others that wonder how a pattern would like with differing stitch counts.

IsDihara said...

Very glamorous in the original and "mini" sizes. She will surely love them!

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