21 May 2013

Red Winsomes

So another look at my vast collection of tatted earrings and a thought about the only red pair I've got.  

Now this red pair are based on this pattern and when I made them I extended the long beaded picots on the side and bottom rings.  I thought they looked fine until people started commenting and calling them my 'cross' earrings.  That stopped me wearing them as I didn't want anybody to think I was in any way 'into' any religion!!!!  So this weekend I decided to make a new pair of red earrings.  This is the pattern - the ever useful Winsome Drop earrings.

I bought these lovely glass beads while I was in America last September.  I really love them.


Valerie said...

Very nice, esp the beads. I was going to ask where you got them. :)

Maureen said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! - love the red, and the glass beads.
I never wear earrings, but this pair appeals to me!

Unknown said...


God's Kid said...

Wonderful earrings!! :)

Crazy Mom! said...

I recognize those beads - I think we got them at Michael's in America. There may be some on their website.

Jane McLellan said...

Oooh, splendid colours!

Rhonda L. said...

Very pretty. Part of it almost looks like peyote stitch instead of tatting. The beads are very pretty.

Ladytats said...

Those are pretty. I like the red, it will look very good on you.

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