18 May 2013


I'm pretty sure that it was Joanie who gave me the earrings you can see in the top picture here when Sally and I were staying with her.  My apologies if it wasn't.  

Anyway I've looked and looked at them and finally the aged brain sort of decided what to do with them.  The bead is REALLY sparkly so I didn't want to hide it inside the tatting like my first thought would've done.  I was originally going to use this pattern.  It would've been fairly simple to construct this round the bead in situ.  

After some thought and a dash to the tatting cupboard to find my pliers I took it apart instead.  The bottom picture shows the finished pair.  

As you can see the beads in the chain are moved into position on the core thread.  BUT me, being me, I decided that this earring needed to be finished with no ends to sew in.  Thus the final chain is a split chain.  I had to work out how to do this with the beads still on the core thread - it's not hard but took me a few minutes to work out.  The pattern itself is really quite a generic one which has been 'designed' many times by many people so I don't really think I can call it my own.  Beads are added over the small shirt button in the centre.  Now the question is - do you think it's worth me putting a page together or not?


God's Kid said...

Those are fabulous!!! :)

Michelle said...

These are lovely! Yes, it's worth you writing up the pattern, they're gorgeous!

Frances said...

they are so pretty

Frivole said...

Yes please! They're so pretty!

Rukodělka said...

I love them, I vote for writting a pattern. I am so looking forward for the book, I will let to know immediately.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, everybody. I will finish writing up the pattern - I always write as I go as my memory isn't that good!!! BUT I am now working on a bracelet and hopefully a necklace eventually to match so it might be a while!! Also there's a grand tidying up going on here so my time is limited in the day!!! Thanks, Rukodelka, I do hope the book arrives soon.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty earrings. And yes, it is worth putting a page together for the "how to" of a split chain with beads on the core thread. Not everyone has a BC#3 like yours. :)

JB said...

Beautiful earrings.

Ladytats said...

Those are pretty. And a matching set will be gorgeous.
I think the basics may be generic, but you have dressed it up with core beads and hiding your ends in a split chain, and those techniques would be welcome to others.
Yes, please write up the pattern.

Fox said...

Genius at work! These are lovely.
Fox : )

Orsi said...

What a great idea Jane!

Very, very pretty with your flowers!
I wonder you ( or esteem? ) for haveing such a great patience for the beads.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely earrings, lovely pattern.

Phyllis said...

Pattern, pretty please. The colors and beads make it look expensive. A complete set would be fantastic.

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