13 May 2013

Giveaway again!

Hope the title has caught your attention!!!!

Dear Elizabeth who won the Irene Waller book puzzled about it and then realised it was in a box of books she'd still got packed away.  She's kindly offered it up for 'giveaway' again.  

So, back to the iPhone app and this is the random number it generated this time.  Number 51.  This is Rukodelka who lives somewhere where the language is Czech!!!  How do I know that?  Because this is her blog and when I visit it my browser translates it into English and that's what it says at the top - 'translated from Czech to English'!!!!  

If you go down her page you will see some stunning tatting.  I'm so pleased that this time the book is on it's way to another country too.  The reason?  Because the friendly Post Office staff are always interested in the places I post to!!!!

Congratulations to Rokodelka - please send me your address so I can get this into the post as soon as possible.


Nancy G said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to Rokodelka.

Rukodělka said...

Hi Jane, I am so pleased! I have already sent my postal adress via e-mail to you. In any case, my e-mail is buzkova.r#czechglobe.cz. We speak Czech language in the Czech Republic, which is places in the middle of the Europe, next to the Germany and Austria :-) Thank you so much for the book and for the nice words too!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Rukodelka.. Congratulations and have fun with the book. Anita.

GraceT said...

Congratulations, Rokodelka!

Igoria said...

Thanks for a great fun! Congratulations for Rokodelka!

Rukodělka said...

Thank you very much to all of you. I will be glad if you will check my blog sometimes. Comments in English are welcomed! Tomorrow I will post my longest lace piece ever :-)

Jane Eborall said...

I posted the book this morning, Rukodelka. I'm looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow. I'm following your blog so I won't miss it.

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