17 May 2013

My Weekly February 2003

This is the last of the magazines - I think!!!  Bet you're glad about that!!!  

You'll see that this one was one of my first 'experiments' with buttons.  Well, buttons AND beads, of course!!!  The pattern is now on this link if you should want it.

Since this foray into buttons I've done several other button patterns too and am playing with them again at the moment.    


Jane McLellan said...

Wow. I wonder how many people were inspired to tat by those articles.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Several observations: Your name IS mentioned (Yay!) ( I can overlook their saying 'our' brooches). You had a website in 2003! And those look like your own drawings! The denim jacket definitely gives the brooches a contemporary look!

I give My Weekly credit for keeping tatting (and you!) in the public eye! I'm guessing there was always an interest in tatting in England. Of course, your jewelry designs were so amazing and a 'new idea'!

I couldn't help notice the other article about the "Elderly Accommodation Counsel". What a title, especially when including 60-year-olds! Must be 20-somethings who named it. I guess one is a doddering 'middle-ager' from 40 to 59, and at 12:01 am on one's 60th birthday, one becomes Elderly! Good grief! They should have come to the weekly dances we went to in the 1990s (revival of 'Swing Era'), where 'elderly' 60 AND 70 year-olds danced us 40-50 year-olds under the table!!!! I would suggest they find a new name! I was told by a teenager at a skating rink (when in my 40s) that I skated 'pretty good for an elderly person'!!!! And I guess I've actually been one for nine years and didn't know it! I think I'll take my nap now.

Jane Eborall said...

Do you know, Kathy, I'd not noticed my name was on the pattern!! Not sure if I've shown the other pattern that was in My Weekly in 2003 so will have to look into that another day.
There's always been some interest in tatting over here as long as I've been doing it, anyway. Limited by lack of communication really.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks for the reply! I'm so delighted your work was publishe for so many years! Over here in the 1990s Mary McCarthy's name (fortunately) was on many published patterns and I often wondered who she was. Now I realize she's a member of Shuttlebirds and she wrote a newsletter for several years. But for some reason she isn't on the internet! But at least she did get published. And Rebecca Hollenbaugh was 'known' by tatters AND crocheters through the Old Time Crochet' magazine, which one had to search for in 'special' newsstands. (Of course, one could subscribe.) It came out 4 times a year. Rebecca was the Tatting Editor for many years, and she kept the old patterns in view. She would often describe different tatting techniques. She stepped down just before the magazine stopped publishing, and when the internet arrived! Last I heard, she doesn't tat anymore. Sad.

I want to mention that the work the EAC does is admirable! It's wonderful for them to encourage creativity for us older folks. I'm just sensitive these days to the 'elderly' label! It's a shock to be heading toward 70!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for another interesting comment, Kathy. I'll be 70 in October and not the least bit sensitive!!!!!

Frivole said...

How wonderful Jane - I hadn't realised you were so extensively published! And I hope you'll get published some more, it's great to see your tatting in print. Like Kathy, straight away I looked to see if your name was on the My Weekly Page and was delighted and relieved to see that it is!

I wish I had been buying My Weekly in 2003 so I could keep the issue with my treasures.

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