17 July 2013

Girly Girl Brooch or Pin

Ta da - another for the Girly Girl set!!!!

This is a new brooch I've been working on over the past few weeks.  It's VERY addictive as Sally will tell you!!!  I'll try and get the pattern done soon but at the moment I keep putting it off!!!  Toooo hot to spend time in front of the computer.  I'm NOT grumbling - just saying!!!!

This set will be available in my Etsy shop when the shuttles and hooks go live at the weekend.  I'll list them separately but if anybody wants a set and one or more pieces have been sold I can easily make more!!!


God's Kid said...

That's an amazing set!! :)

Pigmini said...

Drool.... can't wait for the pattern Jane!!

Crazy Mom! said...


Want a lot.

Sally Kerson said...

The thread is lovely, must buy it one day, it is so cheeful. Yes Jane is right the brooches are addictive, so far I have made seven.

Unknown said...

Very nice!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Gorgeous set! Wonderful designs, colors and beadwork!

Unknown said...

It's a wanderful set, I couldn't say which element is the one I like most!

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