9 September 2013

I went to Tat Days

Yes I DID!!  

I went there for a few minutes on Friday evening and I saw lots of my friends for a short while.  There was Joanie, Sandra, Randy (as in Houtz), JB, Anitra (of the owls), Nina (as in Libin), Pam, Shawna and loads more who passed by and waved.  WHAT a TREAT.

Joanie has an iPad and we did FaceTime which is like Skype.  It was great to be there if only for such a short time.  Working out time zones and then wondering who was on daylight saving is always a problem so Joanie emailed me a few minutes before so I could get ready.  

No, that doesn't mean I had to dash and put make up on (what IS that stuff?) or even comb my hair but it does mean that I needed to find a quiet place in the house to talk.

Oh, I also visited Bonnie's house on Wednesday (again using Joanie's iPad and FaceTime) for the pre-tat days meeting that a few of the gang have each year Sadly I couldn't stay for the ice cream (her own home made and MEGGA yummy) and even if I had it probably wouldn't have tasted very good via wi fi!!!  I adore Bonnie's ice cream.

Oh, before I forget, I'll be putting my Etsy shop on vacation on Wednesday as I'll be away from home for a week starting on Saturday.  If you want anything before I go away please make sure you pay the shop a visit.  Don't worry - I'll be back!!


Ladytats said...

Sounds like a very fun time. Have a great vacation.

Crazy Mom! said...

And it was so fum to see YOUUUUUU!!!!!

Wish you could have been there!

IsDihara said...

Hurray that you got to "sit in" through Facetime to two lovely-sounding events. Have a grand, smashing, swimmingly glorious time on holiday!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I thought it was amazing last year when they hooked up the live video feed! I thought it worked pretty well (although I'm sure it was difficult to do), and I felt as if I were there, and got to 'meet' everyone. I'm glad you were able to 'visit' electronically this year!

Martha said...

And you were there with your patterns that you allowed others to teach -- the Night Owl owl so cute -- and donations for auctions and prizes.

Pigmini said...

Wish I'd been there too!! LOL

TatterDel said...

I hope to see you in person for Tat Days 2014... The Highland Rim Tatters are planning to attend. There are 4 us currently planning on attending from the Tullahoma, TN area. p.s. I still adore my Prinknish Abby Mug it is the one we styled our logo from fro The Celtic Cup Coffee House. Let me know if you ever come across any others.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, my GOSH, TatterDel, I'd forgotten the Prinknash Abbey mug! I haven't seen any others for ages. The place where I rescued that one from doesn't seem to have that type of thing anymore. I do hope we get to meet next year. You'll have to introduce yourself as the Prinknash Abbey lady!!!

tattrldy said...

How lucky for you, to attend via modern technology! We've done this a few times at special occasions when someone couldn't make it. It's not as good as being there but it's much better than missing it! Hope things work out for you to make it over for the whole thing next year.

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