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31 January 2014

Not a lot else

As you know from it's title this blog is purely about tatting but just once in a blue moon I do have something else to say.

Some of you know that I volunteer in our local library on one morning a week teaching other old people (like MEEE) to use computers, laptops, tablets etc.  

A few years ago a lady joined us one Wednesday saying that she wanted to know how to use a computer as she wanted to write a book.  Well she was positive that that's what she was going to do even though she'd no experience with computers and I'd none with writing books.  

Time went on, she bought a computer and we struck up a friendship (as you do!!!) and when she moved into the town I was able on one or two occasions to walk over to her place to help with small things she needed to know.

Just before Christmas Joan came into the library one Wednesday morning with - a signed copy of her book for me.  YES, she did it.  Well I'm not a great reader of biographies but once I picked this one up I got so interested that I read it right through with more and more admiration for Joan as I finished each chapter   What an interesting lady.  WELL DONE, Joan Inglis - I'm SO proud of you and feel honoured to have met you during my journey through life.  

It's now been published as an ebook too and here's where you can find it.


Pigmini said...

It sounds an interesting book just reading the 'blurb'!! It's now on my Amazon Wish List!!! Tell her Well Done from me!!

Maureen said...

You were the person she needed to meet, just at the right time! - and there's a large excerpt of the book on Amazon, I enjoyed reading it.

LibraryLady said...

All for the love of libraries, volunteers, and personal desire! Great journey, Jane. Thanks for sharing it.

Ladytats said...

Wonderful. she had a goal and met it. Good for her. and Good for you to be teaching the skills she needed.

Tally Tatty said...

Well done, Jane! You bring the best out of people.

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