8 February 2014

Fandango coaster

Well while you guys have been tatting the TIAS I've been working on all sorts of 'stuff'!!! 

I was looking round our dark, narrow hallway the other day and decided it needed cheering up. We've got a loooooong radiator shelf there which looks as dull as ditch water and which we're always 'dumping' things on!!! I decided it needed cheering up so a runner to go on it would be the answer. 

The Fandango Coaster is not wide enough to 'do' but it's a good start as I can put a border round it when the length has been achieved. If I did two side by side then it would be wide enough but too wide for a border. I think borders finish things off - simple ones!!!

Anyway - I went into my threads and came up with these two together. Soooo pretty but I'm not sure I like the variegated on this design. I've got to get hold of BC3 but he sometimes tries to have the weekend off!!!


Maureen said...

This should keep you occupied for a while! A runner won't be finished in a couple of nights. I like the colours, but if they're too bright, keep the turquoise and pair it with plain pink perhaps - that would still look cheerful.

God's Kid said...

Oh so pretty!! :)

Fox said...

Love it!

Ladytats said...

nice, but I think 2 solid colors would show the design better. Have fun with the runner, how long does it need to be?

Batty Tatter said...

It's pretty

Suztats said...

Love the pattern, and that thread is bright and happy.

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