12 April 2014


Just a quick post today to let you know that I've updated the eye pattern which can be found here.

The reason for doing it right now is because I 'need' to make another one for a new tshirt/top I hope to buy!!! There will be an eye, a heart, a 2 and the letters T A T.  I found a few mistakes in the original and also needed to redraw all the pictures as they'd been done on a PC and I now use a Mac.  Then I decided to notate it for front/backside working too.  A simple job turned into a 'not so simple' one!!!

The tshirt I originally did the pattern for in 2006 is now being retired to the charity shop as my body seems to have outgrown it. OR, as I'd rather believe - it's shrunk in the wash. Cough, cough, splutter, splutter!!


Pigmini said...

I agree Jane... we stopped outgrowing our clothes when we were in our teens!! Nowadays they don't make them like the used to.... clothes definitely shrink!! VBG

Love the I!!

GraceT said...

I do like that eye! I've been looking for shuttle-shaped motifs to make fobs; I bet it would work great for that. :-)

God's Kid said...

Great eye!! :)

Robin Perfetti said...

Woah, I haven't seen this one before. Nice use of split rings to simulate the edges and color changes!

Ladytats said...

eek! Jane has her eye on us!.
Looks great Jane. I agree about clothing, they just are not made the way they used to be, they shrink way too easily.

Madtatter80 said...


Tally Tatty said...

It is very sweet of you to tell the world that yu love tatting!

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