26 May 2014

Squared Away!

I've had a long consultation with BC3 and we've decided to list the new style tatting bags in Etsy as they get finished!!!  I was just going to keep them and take them to Tat Days but I think I'll see how they go in Etsy first!!!!  

They're quite fiddly to make but great fun and my supply of zips is slowly depleting!!!!  Wonder if I'll be tempted to buy more zips although the whole point of starting this venture was to use up the ones I've got!!!!  Time will tell.

Here are the first few to go into the shop.

The bottom photo shows exactly what I can get into mine!!!  Mine's the first trial one which didn't have a good lining in it.  Now they've gone all up-market with a proper lining without stitching showing.  I found a tutorial online but for the life of me couldn't follow it and it didn't have a handle either!!!  You CAN'T have a bag without a handle, can you?


Maureen said...

Square bags are good for holding sock-knitting things too! - nice to have the choice of styles and sizes for tatting. But I love my Roly Polys!

wickedtats said...

Lovely bags!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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