31 May 2014

Very sad but true

Yesterday I found a link (in a Facebook tatting group) to a whole tatting book that is hosted on a Russian site.  Although NOT on Facebook itself, the fact that the person posted the link on Facebook means more people will 'assume' that it's OK to do the same thing and thus the problem of copyright theft will continue and escalate.  There are often whole pattern pages from books published on Facebook too.  

The book concerned was written by one of the well known designers in Tat Land and is self published.  I wrote to her to tell her.  Earlier this week another designer had her work stolen (yes, STOLEN is the right word) too and that was published on Pinterest. 

They've both had this happen before and the first one (linked on Facebook) has now given up on designing which is a great loss to our community.  If this sort of behaviour continues then it'll be the end of new and interesting designs for all of us. 

I've deactivated my Pinterest account and have already opted out of a lot of Facebook participation although I still belong to a lot of groups I don't and won't actively take part on a regular basis - in silent protest.  Yes, I can 'do' silent.

Then there are the copytats.  These are people who again steal.  They see something they like and rather than pay for the pattern (either in a book or on Etsy) they spend time copying other people's work.

I'm so ANGRY that there is obviously no respect left for people's hard work and their need (in some cases) to earn a living.  I am also glad that my work doesn't attract this sort of attention - probably simply because it's free or maybe not good enough.  Who knows.

Now, back to tatting.


Jenn said...

Really sad to see this is happening and even sadder that a designer has chosen to stop designing :(

Tally Tatty said...

Dear Jane,something CAN be done about this, but then you have to tell us who di what. Who did it and who is this designer who stopped. Where is this facebook page. Computercrimes exist and are sanctioned, but you have to involve the authorities. I am willing to make an official complaint. If we all do that, the person who puts books on facebook will be caught, stopped and sanctioned.
Can't Intatters do something? There are a lot of different people in there with different connections. We could raise money to pay for a lawer for thevictim, etc,...

Unknown said...

O dear! Very sad reason to make a blog entry! I left already a lot of Facebook groups I was in, because of this kind of issues. But I do not intend to be quiet. I know that there will be always theft, tatting is not an exception. But when the will be something bothering, I will say it.
So sorry that a good designer decided not to design anymore. I can fully understand the anger and the disappointment.
As for myself, I will carefully choose what will go on-line. Definitelly not easy patterns. At least the ones who steal HAVE to learn to tat also, not only to make rings and chains and use only 1 type of join. Or 2 maybe.
And lots of split rings.. like this the needle tatters will give up, if they notice it, or curse a bit if they decided to copy.

IsDihara said...

I just read a Facebook comment the other day where the tatter urged another tatter to post a whole page from a book so others could judge if the patterns were interesting enough to buy the book. Her reasoning was that if Amazon.com does it, it cannot be a copyright infringement.

Not saying I agree with this logic, but it I would be good to know how Amazon works so that self-publishers can help educate against the theft of their works.

Maureen said...

I suppose it's a two-edged sword, the internet - I don't know how you stop this from happening. It's sad that someone has stopped designing, but maybe the pendulum will eventually swing back to books and printing

TAT19540 said...

This is happened to Marliee several times. The worst part is she depends on her tatting sales to pay her bills! People who do this take " food" out of artists mouths

God's Kid said...

It's ridiculous that people don't even have common sense anymore. Common sense says that we shouldn't do things like that because it's rude. My heart goes out to all the wonderful designers in this day of selfishness.
And your work is wonderful so don't think it isn't good enough!! :)

Jeff Hamilton said...

I'm pretty sure that sharing scans of books would violate the US's DMCA (Digital Millennium Copywrite Act), the same law that prohibits sharing of movies and music. I'm quite certain that Facebook can do something (shutdown groups, etc) if this is happening on their site. They don't have to be hosting the files to potentially have lawsuits filed against them. They need to be notified. The same would apply to Pinterest. People need to report these thefts.

Jeff Hamilton said...

I pretty certain Amazon (any of them, not just .com) have to get publisher permission to post the sample pages. Not all publishers allow it. If tatters want to do the same, they would have to get permission as well. Something I doubt they would receive for something like this.

Many books are available at libraries and through inter-library loans. Why don't people borrow the book to decide if they want to buy it?

Crazy Mom! said...

I was contacted my a tatter recently (never had contact before with this person) asking for the pattern for something I'd tatted. It was from Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior, and I told her so and gave her the link to purchase it. She kept insisting that sharing the pattern was NOT copyright infringement, that she'd heard of this in school, and this was not it.

My response was to NOT give her the pattern. I told her she should have gone to LAW school, that this was a very clear violation.

People fail to realize that the pattern itself is copyrighted. Creating a pattern is hard hard work, not something like taking a picture and posting it. People who write tatting patterns (or anything else) OWN these patterns, and when you purchase a book then you purchased the right to use the pattern.

This is much like music - if you want to play a song, you PURCHASE sheet music. It's the way it works

Imoshen said...

I have also been approached to post patterns through Facebook. It seems to be mostly new Italian tatters reaching out to me. I don't respond. I'm not about bad mouthing any nationality for anything, I'm simply stating the trend that I've noticed in regards to this particular matter. I find it sad, because this country is one of the most strict when it comes to lace and what can be sold. I cannot send any lace to them, only purchase theirs. Perhaps this is why there is type of situation going on right now. It's a new lace style (to them), and they want to learn and create their own but are limited as to what can be sent to them?

If someone is interested I usually post a link to where you can purchase a pattern or the webpage to a free pattern, unless I'm mobile. IF I remember, I go back later on and post links. I'm all for extending our Tatland to the world, but it's a shame when things like this happen. I use your free patterns for all sorts of little 'giveaways' to people who ask me what I'm doing when I tat in public. Just as Jeff has suggested, I tell people to visit the library. You'd be amazed at what books you'll find there.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's very sad that this is happening. It's hard to believe that people don't understand that they are stealing.

TatHelper said...

Unfortunatly, it seems that there is nothing to do about the thieves, online or not. Once the work has been copied or photocopied, you lose the control.

I've read several opinions about the stolen works, magazines from Italy, people from Russia, etc.

I'm so angry with this matter that stop sharing a tatting related product when I realized that after almost 2 years of development it could be easily stolen, sold, unensambled, copied, etc.It's not so special but nobody else has done it before and it's mine.

Most of people don't understand all the time, effort, work, money the creators invest in their creations.

I will only share it with trusted friends. There is nothing else for me to do.

So, I understand every author that decide to stop sharing their work for nothing.

And that is a very, very sad thing.

Pigmini said...

A number of years ago when I first learned bobbin lace I was given a photocopy of a simple pattern which is commonly used, on the understanding that I bought the book that it was from at the first opportunity I got. 3 weeks later I bought the book at a lace fair from the author! She was surprised to hear that teachers do this, and delighted that I'd followed 'orders'! I still have the book and still chat to the author whenever I see her!

Pigmini said...

My OH may have thought of a way of 'dealing' with these people.... I'll formulate it into a post on my blog, hopefully tomorrow!!

Unknown said...

i have seen some but not alot of samples annd they are never the acual patterns its normaly onlt the first few pages like the contents and how to tat then its stops and you have to buy the book or go the other way. normally the front cover and contents is enough to tell me if i want it of not.

Unknown said...

i have seen some but not alot of samples annd they are never the acual patterns its normaly onlt the first few pages like the contents and how to tat then its stops and you have to buy the book or go the other way. normally the front cover and contents is enough to tell me if i want it of not.

the shuttlesmith said...

I'm a self-published author who allows her books to be sold via Amazon, I can tell you that I was NOT asked if I want 'A look inside' pages displayed by Amazon. My final thought is to allow it because it shows the quality of my book (I put alot of work into each of the many illustrations!) and shows what the patterns look like. I know that some people love visual illustrated patterns and some don't so I prefer the sample pages shown so that tatters can make an informed decision as to whether they want to buy my book(s) or not.

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