29 May 2014


That's the name of the doily I've been teasing you about!!!

I can't tell you anything more than that as it's on just a sheet of paper that I think came from gran's when she died. There's writing on the back which leads me to assume it's from a magazine like The Lady or something similar. I can't share it as I don't know who it belongs to and I doubt anybody could 'copytat' it as it's quite complicated in places. 

Anyway, personally I think it would be immoral to copy it unless somebody knows who it's by. I feel that copying from a picture unless it's SOLELY for personal use is immoral and to then brag about it is like rubbing salt into the wound. It's happened to me in the past when I USED to put work in progress on this blog. It hurt like heck when that happened as I couldn't believe that somebody would do it when they knew they were getting the pattern for FREE sometime soon.

I've had my say so will now disgracefully dismount from my soapbox!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Valencia is splendid! Linda asked me to copy a motif from a picture, which I did for her use, but sent her off to research the origins of it. I think we sometimes need to be made aware of the issues involved.

Jane Eborall said...

I soooo agree, Jane. I haven't researched this one but all I know is that it wasn't from a crafty magazine, I don't think. I'll post the original sometime - just for people to see how complicated it is. Doubt if anybody can 'copytat' this one!!

Maureen said...

No wonder I couldn't find it! - but now I have something to Search For. It's a lovely pattern.

Fox said...

Such a fun piece!

TotusMel said...

I do so love it when you get on your soapbox with truths! You know that I agree with you wholeheartedly and I do also love that unusually shaped piece as well.

Jane Eborall said...

I've a 'thing' about copytatting and really feel that a better word for it is stealing, TotusMel. I've seen people who copytat patterns that are for sale in Etsy and then BRAG about it. That annoys me in two ways. Firstly that the person copying thinks that they're so darn clever, secondly that the person who is selling the pattern doesn't make sure it can't be copied. I'm SOOOO glad I made the initial decision to never sell but sometimes when the bank account is low I am tempted.
Very sad that I can't share Valencia as it's a 'one off'' but I bet there'll be somebody copytatting it and selling or giving the pattern away sometime soon although it's quite complicated and I doubt anybody nowadays would have the patience to do it, in fact.

God's Kid said...

Very beautiful!!! :)

Tally Tatty said...

I hope a tatting detective will find this soon. It is an unusual, interesting gem.

Valerie said...

Valencia is beautiful! You've made it really interestingly attractive.
Sad about all those copytats out there. Now I'm scared even before I put out any patterns. Totally unfair to the designer.

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