30 June 2014

Technique pages

So this week I'm hoping that I'll be able to share a new pattern which has got me quite excited already. 

It's something that I'm sure nobody has tried before and at times I've realised why!!!! Well, that's not quite the truth as you'll see when I've finished it that the idea is relatively simple - it's just what I've chosen to put BC3 through to achieve it that's been the problem!!!!

So, in order to prepare you for all this excitement (yawn, yawn) I've done two technique pages - one of which you can find here.  This one is for the mock ring (MR).

I realise that in these 'modern times' that the way to go with teaching via the internet is through videos but I'm afraid I haven't yet got the hang of those.

Also I've seen a lot of poor ones which have quite put me off as I know mine would be really bad!!! Somebody wrote the other day to say that they'd learned to tat via my beginner tatting pages as they found that the 'hands' got in the way on a lot of the videos.  That is what made me get up off my fat 'behind' and get on with this page.


Gill Devon said...

I learned my tatting skills through your techniques pages,which I find are the clearest. The great thing with them is that you can print them off and refer to them whenever you need to without having to sit by the computer. In fact I have a folder full of your technique pages. I owe you a great debt. Thank you Jane!

Jane McLellan said...

Like Gill, I print the page off, easier to refer to than rerunning a video, especially as my internet connection isn't always up to snuff for videos. Please don't abandon written instructions, we love them!!

Patti said...

I much prefer the printed page for the same reasons already mentioned. Keep them coming Jane.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the printed tutorials 99 percent of the time. Your drawings and explanations are wonderful - clear, and very easy to follow. Please don't stop! I've learned a tremendous amount of tatting technique from your pages.

Anonymous said...

I also print off your techniques and keep them in a binder. Your diagrams are THE BEST!

Marty said...

I always refer to your technique pages when I want to be reminded how to do something. I print out the pages and carry them around with the pattern to which they apply -- can't do that with a video!

LibraryLady said...

Where's the "like" button? I too refer as often to your technique pages as your pattern pages. I'm forever grateful to you and other tatters who willingly share your knowledge and skills. Thanks, Jane!

Pigmini said...

Looks like you have Fans Miss! I get the impression everyone like what you do!!!😃😃

Tally Tatty said...

I find that your technique pages are complimentary to the videos. But where i learned most is during the TIAS. Hands on teaching!
I also keep your technical pages in a folder!!

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