17 October 2014

Finally it's done!!!

Not going to tease any longer!!! Here's the link to the Inside Out Snowflake.

I hope you find this as easy to work as I do. BUT I hope you don't get addicted like I have once you've tried it!!!!


Pigmini said...

Ooh... something to do with those long beads!! Now where did I see them.... (walks away muttering....) LOL

Kathy Niklewicz said...

(Having problems with comments today. Hope this makes it through)

Thanks so much for this wonderful pattern. Amazing how it can be worked from the outside in. I do know where my bugle beads are - just have to practice with them!

I want to thank you also for your tutorial on the Loop Thread Floating Ring (on a ring). I'm totally amazed how this works!
After a lot of practice, I've now become very comfortable doing them. Your drawing was so helpful!

Tally Tatty said...

Thank you, Jane, that is just in time for x- mas!

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