14 October 2014

Now for something new- ish

So, yesterday you got the original motif and now I'm working on tweaking this - the Inside Out Snowflake.   I'll have the pattern ready by the end of the week - tat's a promise. 

Why?  Well, the weather is appalling here at the moment so I can' get out and about as much as usual.  Rained all day yesterday while I was dealing with internal leaks from a heating boiler which came through to the kitchen - drip, drip, drip!!!  Wet outside and wet inside!!! Boiler fixed but I can't find the right plumber to stop the sky dripping!!!  

Any suggestions would be welcome - that's on the subject of stopping the sky from dripping!!!


Maureen said...

Long may the rain fall, if it means a new pattern! You choose wonderful colours, I loved the blue and white flake the other day, but this brown/lime green is pretty eye-catching too!

Riet Surtel-Smeulders said...

Hi ,
Pam said tat a sun and hang it outside and you have to sing a song from itsy, bitsy spider
as an old teacher you should know that song.
love you !

Marty said...

I'm so glad you're using the lock chain for such pretty motifs. It's fun to do and that color change is striking.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This is so regal! ! Love the design and especially the colors! Interestingly, on my computer this looks like burgundy and gold! So sorry about the rain and plumbing. Yet you 'soldier on' and continue to create, all for our benefit!

Jane Eborall said...

RIet - tell Pam that with my singing there'll be even MORE rain!!!! Love you too. Both of you.

God's Kid said...

Very nice!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

We have rain here and they said it will be around for the rest of the week. This looks like a thanksgiving snowflake the colors look brown white and yellow on my computer. very pretty and the lock stitch is great how it doesn't curve I like that!

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