13 October 2014

It's out there

Ready for use should you want it. The new motif.

I've called it the 'Inside Out Motif'. Not cause it's inside out but because that's the way you work it!!! You do the outside first and then the middle.

The reason for that is because it's not easy to do a lock chain with a neat picot in unless you do a regular ds before and after the picot.  If I'd done that it wouldn't have been a decent looking lock chain in the middle.

Oh, before you go, there will be another motif shortly.  The new one is, I think, pretty darn good.  It's the one that will be my Christmas giveaway.  Hope to get the page finished this week but life has become a little 'difficult' in my 'other life'.  Hope to get things on the way to being sorted today - but who knows!!!!


Maureen said...

This one looks like a pretty darn good Christmas giveaway to me, Jane! - so I am trying to visualise one that will be even better!

Pigmini said...

Should we want it???? Of Course We Want it!!!! LOL What would we do without patterns?? for a start... new tatters'd be stuck for what to do.... and we all LOVES making flowers/snowflakes/whatever!!!! VBG

Tally Tatty said...

Thank you, Jane! For this lovely pattern and for showing us again to re-think tatting.

muskaan said...

This one is definitely on my to-make list , Jane! It is a very interesting pattern, but now with you explanation about how it needs to be made, it has become even momore intriguing :-)))

Thank you for sharing the pattern ...

God's Kid said...

Looks wonderful!!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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