30 June 2016

Another Martha test tat

Whoopoeeee. I had another chance to test tat another of Martha's patterns. I adore this little pegasus. Well, actually he isn't really that little but he's adorable. 

The beads are easy to add and the directions are very clear particularly with the changes of direction. 

What intrigued me is how Martha managed to make the leg chains so straight by switching shuttles. I'm going to HAVE to try that for myself when I next do a critter.

Can't wait to get this book.

29 June 2016

A new tatter

You can live in a town all your life like I have and in all that time I've probably only taught around a dozen people to tat. 

Of those - none kept it up. That's 60+ years of tatting myself and even when I learned my school friends didn't want to learn as well. They all watched me and realised that wherever I was I'd always have a shuttle with me but still they didn't want to learn. It was a hobby that I could afford out of my pocket money!!!

Since January we've had a little craft group meeting at Lifeways - we originally   got together to make the bunting for the street party but enjoyed our chatting, coffee drinking etc so continued.  I've now got two people learning to tat which is amazing. I NEVER offer to teach anybody - I have to be 'persuaded'.  I work on the theory that if they really, really want to learn then they'll keep asking and I'll then 'give in' and teach them.

This is Beryl who came for the first time yesterday and who is picking it up pretty darn quickly.  She's also a Silver Surfer student and that's how we met and how she learned about our wonderful little craft group.

27 June 2016

I got excited

At my age even waking up in the morning is exciting. Never know what the day will bring and I certainly didn't on Saturday when I saw Carollyn's blog post.

It got me thinking and getting the beads out too!!! I had to try this idea. I did find some extra hints that I found useful like making sure the loop was behind the core thread etc. Anyway it was a good excuse not to weed the garden (also it 'looked' like rain yet again) so I sat down and did a technique page on it. 

Hope you don't mind, Carollyn but couldn't find an email address on your blog to contact you!!!

25 June 2016

Just a t-shirt

Don't you just LOVE a bargain? I do. I found this t-shirt in a charity shop a few weeks ago when Sally was staying with me. She's SO good for me as she really knows how to 'shop'.  I'm pretty hopeless at shopping as I dither and dither!!!

This was a good example of my dithering.  I liked the t-shirt but it was boring. REALLY boring so left it there on it's hangar in the charity shop!!!

Roll on two weeks later and I'm back in the same shop (dithering as usual) when I spotted the t-shirt still hanging there. Well as it was NWT I thought I might be able to take it home!!! Four pounds later and it was mine - still boring but mine!!!

I'm teaching the little flowers at Tat Days in September. They are not hard but there are several techniques involved. I simply love making them so they were the answer to the boring problem - I think.  Now I have a 'not so boring' t-shirt which I've fallen in love with!!!!

24 June 2016


When I looked this morning there was just one shuttle left in the Etsy shop.  Just saying!!!!

Number 90 arrived!!!! 90 what you may ask!!! 

Well, the 90th rabbit for the TIAS 2016.

Here he is but I'm not going to tell who sent him in. You'll just HAVE to click on this link to find out!!!

23 June 2016

Ready and waiting!

I wasn't sure if this was a pattern or a technique - perhaps both. I didn't split up the necklace from the earrings either as it's really a 'pattern to play with'. I did, however put two links from the 'jewellery' page on my site - one in the necklace section and one in the earring section so the same pattern has two chances of being found!!!

After playing with the 'jewellery' I decided to make myself a new lanyard for Palmetto.  I do love 'sparkly' and this one certainly does that!!!  Just got to find some clips to put on the ends and that's a 'good job done'!!!!

Here is the link - almost forgot!!!

22 June 2016

New batch of shuttles

I have a new batch of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles to be released on Thursday or Friday.

There's just one with a new wood - Bocote. You can see a picture of it below. It's slightly more expensive as it's an unusual wood - it's £20.00.

This is a list of what's available and they can be found here in my Etsy shop.  I have only got the shuttles in the shop at the moment and am considering changing to another platform but I'm actually too lazy to do that at the moment!!!!

2 CEDAR £18.00
1 KINGWOOD £18.00
2 ASH £18.00
2 CHERRY £18.00
2 OAK £18.00

1 BOCOTE £20.00

21 June 2016

Martha's doll

I'm so, so, SO excited. I was asked to test tat for Martha's new book which should be available in time for Palmetto Tat Days

The theme of the book this time is toys and I've had the privilege to see some of them.  Then Martha asked me to test tat this little darling. It says 'Abbi' (my granddaughter) all over it so she'll be getting this - IF I can part with it!!!!

It was a delight to make and the pattern was so, so easy to follow too. It makes a pleasant change to see innovative patterns like Martha's as I'm bored to death with jewellery as it seems to be the only thing a lot of people make and show on Facebook!!!  

Facebook?  A place I visit once a day to post a link to this blog and which I steer clear of as much as possible as I find it a dreadful distraction.  Useful at times when I needed to post about a local problem I got involved with quite by accident at 3 a.m. the other morning but apart from that - a place I can live without.

I'm waiting now for another pattern to test for Martha - can't WAIT.

20 June 2016

Look who's arrived!!

Now we've had mice of many colours but I'm not sure we've had a yellow one before!!!

Now residing in the Exclusive Tatting Club is IsDihara's cute little mouse. I'm not going to tell you what she says as it'll spoil today's surprise. So, if you want to know you'll just have to pay him a visit here!!!!
More pictures arrived of Nibbles later in the day (actually overnight on Saturday) so I've added them.  If that cat were 'real' then I don't think Nibbles would survive!!!!

18 June 2016

Hearts and stars earrings

I bought some lovely beads when I was in - hmmmmm, not sure. Well it was either in America on my last trip there, or in Canada last year. They're really pretty hearts and some stars too.

I've been wondering what to make with them as I didn't buy that many.  Eventually I decided it just had to be earrings. 

There isn't really a 'pattern' as such (or rather - I'm not intending to write it down) - it's simply a variation on the Winsome Drop earrings which you can find here.  Least unless I'm nagged to put the pattern up. I've written it down but only in my 'Jane way'!!!!

17 June 2016

Fandango Square

Finally I've finished.

Not sure what took me so long but it was probably due to life getting in the way and me getting distracted with test tatting for Martha Ess!!! That's it - I'll 'blame' Martha!!!  I'll show you another day what I did for Martha and I hope you'll like it as much as I did.  In fact I LOVE her new book already and it's hopefully going to be ready in time for Palmetto Tat Days.  

Now I expect you want to know where to find the new pattern?  Shall I tell you or shall I keep it a secret?  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions!!!

16 June 2016

Decision made

I finally decided to 'go' with two greens for this round of the Fandango doily. I think it's a bit 'stark' at the moment but I'm sure it'll calm down when I get to the next round. It's unnerving when you take a route you're not comfortable with but I'm going to go with it!

15 June 2016

What do you think?

I've made this a month or two ago. It's designed to hold a credit or store card. The 'strap' part may look a little odd as I left out the beads that will sit at the back of the neck. They may have been a bit 'scratchy'. 

I loved making it and am sure it'll be useful too.

14 June 2016

A conversion

Now these two little brooches were originally three pairs of earrings!!! 

I found I wasn't wearing the earrings for some reason so decided that it maybe a good idea to convert them into brooches. A little bit of fiddling around and this is what happened!!! I'm actually wearing the one regularly and the second one will become a gift. Just hope the person likes it!!!

13 June 2016

Last chance

Last chance (just a few hours) to buy from my Etsy shop. 

I doubt I'll be re-listing in the shop again as I really don't like the way I now have to view it.  I used to be able to see things in a 'list' view which I found so much better but now it's defaulted to a gallery view only.  In fact I rarely go browsing in Etsy anymore because of that.  

I'll be taking the shop items to Palmetto Tat Days and will be selling in the vending room. After that - maybe I'll open another shop but I'm very reluctant as it takes so much time to do that.

Anyway, before they disappear - here's the link to what's in there.

Shuttles will appear somewhere at sometime but probably not in Etsy - most likely I'll move to Folksy but we'll see!!!

11 June 2016

A few days later!!!

In case you didn't know - registration is now up for Palmetto Tat Days.    I've sorted mine out and now need to start packing.  YES, I do start early as there's so many odds and ends to think of!!!  The bestest news is that Martha Ess has agreed to room with me again.  I can't have been too bad a roommate last time after all!!!

A few days later and I have another seven brooches. They just need packaging and putting in my 'going to America' (or Canada!) place!!! Not the best of photos but I can assure you they sparkle and twinkle. 

Now to find the zip bags and card to pin them on.

9 June 2016


Anybody out in Tat Land want to try out the destructions for the necklace that I showed yesterday? Only needs an hour or so to see if you can follow the idea. 

Not so much a 'pattern' but more a technique which has been used in the past and can be taken further. Involves a bead in the centre of a SCMR.

8 June 2016

Continuing Re-recycling

Remember this post about re-recycling?  This is the original which went 'under the scissors'!!  Well, this is what happened after a fair bit of 'tatting around' and tryouts.  It turned out eventually to be a quick tat and very, very stunning, I think!

BUT I still have more Cornelian beads and, of course, thread!!! What do you think to a bracelet and earrings to match? Well I think that's what I'll do next. 

After seeing and making 'fancy' necklaces etc there's something to be said for the sheer simplicity of this design. 

Do you think I ought to write down the 'how to' on this or is it obvious as to how it's been made?

7 June 2016

Look what I found

I'd really forgotten about these and I found them when tidying up another 'spot' in the house!!! I was going to make lots of brooches to sell in the vending room at Tat Days as it helps fund the trip. The cost of flights and insurance never seems to get any less - in fact it seems to escalate!!!

So, I have 13 - a good round number to take would be 20, though so I feel some more tatting coming on!!!  

I'll sell them really cheaply just so I have room in the suitcase to get more - no, not going to mention the two addictions. No, I'm NOT. 

Oh, OK, thread and beads!!!!

6 June 2016

Round 3 of the Fandango square

This round is done so one more to go before I get the pattern up online. 

This time I'm using size 20 thread and it's quite a 'shock' after the size 40!!! I like it, though!!

I'm going to plod along and get the final round done now so that I can get the whole lot put together. I usually have two or three projects on the go and this tends to slow things up too!!!

4 June 2016

It must be mouse season!!!!

This is a mouse from Linda which arrived yesterday!!! I think he looks exhausted after his travels across the pond!!!! 

Please go and visit him to see Linda's comment by clicking on the Exclusive Tatting Club page at the top.

2 June 2016


You nearly didn't get a blog post today. Why? Well the cold and an overrun of grandchildren have frozen BC3's brain and body too!!!

Suddenly to bring a little cheer into the day came dear Ginny with her mouse. 

Well, I lie. 

She sent in - no, I'm not going to tell you what she sent in with her mouse. You'll just have to go to the Exclusive Tatting Club page to find out for yourselves. I will show you her single mouse - just to wet your appetite. Believe me - a click to the page will surprise you.

1 June 2016

I knew I'd forget!!!

I'd forgotten this half written post was in the drafts of the blog so here it is!!! 

I carried on making the bells like the ones here and here but then had to decide what to do with them. This is a pretty bad picture but mainly because of that rare occurrence here - the sun. Also they all glitter and sparkle too. The round outer is made of a large brass ring which I covered in tatting and also included a hanger (also covered in tatting) as I went round.

I've added bigger beads to the middles to represent the clanger and there are beads on the outside too. 

I've 'got over' making them for now but will be returning to them at some point. I'm going to take them to Palmetto Tat Days to 'show off' as they're much better in real life!!!

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Happy Beaks
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