25 November 2016

I never seem to stay focussed!!!

What IS the matter with BC3? He can never stay focussed on one thing!! Instead of carrying on with the latest doily he's decided to have a go at more rings. Must admit I enjoy going from one thing to another.

Yesterday I didn't' achieve much in the way of tatting. I went to a nearby town to help out with silver surfers, shopped on the way back, had lunch and by the time I'd finished pottering and a little bit of time tatting it was quarter past four and time to meet a friend. We were off to see the lights switched on in town. There was a wonderful laser light show displayed on the front of the Birthplace too. Bet poor old Shakespeare was turning in his grave!!


Tim Kaylor said...

Jane, you know how they say great minds think alike? I had not read your blog yet this morning but I put a new post on mine. Know how I started? Same as you. Cannot stay focused, though I did not word it the same. That is an interesting little motif. I want to try it, but I need to stay focused! The center gave me pause for a moment. I think it is just the way the beads are laying that had me confused. At least you have 3 bc's. I need a couple more to catch up.

Jane Eborall said...

That's funny that we're both the same about staying 'on track'!!!!! The motif is simply a SCMR and a chain and a ring. I've devised a way of joining the SCMR to the ring which I'll get round to explaining one day - perhaps!!!!

God's Kid said...

That looks great!!! :)
I can't stay on one thing either!

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