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23 November 2016

Rings on and in rings

Ah, remember that necklace I got from the charity shop? This one.  Well, here it is in it's demolished 'state'. 

There won't be a pattern for this but there are some tricks to doing the joins. One day I may get round to writing that down. The second one down (variegated thread) has a missing ring in it but I don't think many people would notice - only you experts reading this!!!


  1. Now you've set everyone off looking for the missing ring!!! Rofl! They're pretty though. Now to 'work out' the pattern...

  2. Much more exciting than those original rings!

  3. That's a clever use of some rather boring rings!

  4. Ohh, great idea and will give stability to these motif/pendants. BTW I see you have changed your header, what are you up to?

    1. Well, I'm trying to change the header to make it more 'modern' looking!! I get bored from time to time!!! I'm not finished with it yet so 'watch this space'!!!! Keeps me out of other mischief too!!!

  5. Great use of those rings!


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