13 January 2017

A bit of advertising!!

First of all - tomorrow will be Day 2 of the TIAS.

OR, one could say - downright promotion of my 'stuff'!!!

I don't like pushing myself forward but I really would like to clear out my Etsy shop of the bags I've got left in my 'shop box'. Why? Well part of me wants to start another session of sewing when Spring comes and I need an almost empty shop to do that and part of me wants to be tidy and have them out of my way. Now, I must add that that is the smallest part - the wanting to be tidy!!!

I doubt there's going to ever be a chance of me achieving that as it hasn't happened in the last 73 years!!!

So what I'm asking is for you to take a trip over to my Etsy shop to see what I've got there.  If you let me know whether you'd like one (and which one) I will then 'reserve' you that bag and put it in the shop with a 'reserved' sticker on it.


Tim Kaylor said...

Jane, I would like the blue one with dog bones on it. How can I reserve that one?

Jane Eborall said...

I'll put it up in the shop with 'reserved for Tim' on it and then you just click on it and buy as normal!!!!

Tim Kaylor said...

Oops. I already did the paypal thingy. I dont know which it was because the picture had 3 different ones.

Tim Kaylor said...

Never mind, I will take them both! Thanks.

Jane Eborall said...

Don't worry, Tim - dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones are already on their way to you!!!!

Sewicked said...

Your shop shows as empty. But if it's still available, I like black and shades of brown one.

linb54 said...

There's nothing there? Did I miss them?
Linda B.

Madtatter80 said...

They are wonderful🌹 and I sew too and for a while I belonged to a club that sent a bag a month so I will have to pass.

Jane Eborall said...

They did disappear for a while but they're back again now, Linda!!!!

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